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Legal Trial Stay Services

M2 allows your trial team to focus on winning the case. We ensure that when the team arrives the facilities are available and ready. The team can walk in, sit down and start to work. Your team can focus on their expertise and M2 will handle the rest.

M2 sources & manages an average of 30-50 trials annually, all over the country. We understand the unique circumstances that the trial team/firm has when it comes to accommodation selection, undetermined length of stay, war room requirements, as well as special contract considerations.

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Accommodation/War Room Sourcing

Munderstands that trial stays are unique long-term stays. The actual start of the trial is always in question, considering the possibility of dismissal, settlement, continuation, etc.

2 has experience in how to address these unknowns pertaining to the accommodations/war room, minimizing the financial risk and inconvenience (rooms sold out situation etc) to your firm/client.

2 will research, review, create and deliver a comprehensive unbiased report of all available appropriate properties for your trial stay, all on a “at a glance” spreadsheet. We take into consideration proximity, room rate, amenities, concessions, and contract terms, as well as any considerations specific to your team/firm.

When you have identified your preferred property, we will negotiate rates, concessions and terms, facilitate the contracting process and ensure that the contract minimizes the risks inherent to trial stays to your firm and your client.

2 ‘s buying power of over 100,000 room-nights annually, with major hotel chains allows us to negotiate not only the best rates and preferential treatment, but also contract terms unique to a trial stay. 

While there are several choices in sourcing your trial stay, 
2 goes the extra step in providing additional critical services to ensure your stay is not only smooth but also substantially lower in cost.

Justice Scale

Trial Stay Management Services

M2 will analyze the overall budget for the trial stay as well as any war room facilities. We calculate the cost per day to provide the firm/client with an accurate estimate as to the costs to be expected for varying lengths of stay including any potential cancellation and/or other penalties that may apply. This gives you an accurate comparison between property options, allowing the firm to maximize on the return of investment in time and money.

The complete list of Trial Stay Management Services is extensive and unique to each firm’s specific requirements.

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