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The INITIAL step is to contact M2 !

2 will provide you with a single point of contact while planning your trial stay. We will not only work with the properties for your stay, we will also interface any and all outside vendors. This includes, but not limited to, transportation, IT, audio-visual as well as any war room space requirements. Our associates are here to listen, ask questions, and provide support so you can focus on meeting your corporate objectives.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Accommodations
We will collect all the information from you regarding all your goals, desires and budget requirements, which we will use during our search to ensure your stay is both effective and efficient.

2 has the first-hand knowledge and experience in hundreds of cities and districts as well as strong relationships with all major/secondary national and regional hotel brands

Step 2: Prepare and Send Stay RFPs
2 will compare and evaluate what each property has to offer considering, accurate occupancy rates, guest satisfaction ratings, room block availability, and pricing history as well as property staff knowledge and responsiveness.  M2 will prepare and send event RFPs to the best suited, and most appropriate properties.

Step 3: Review RFP Responses & Compare Quotes
collects and reviews all RFP responses for accuracy and to ensure all of the critical details such as concessions,
date flexibility and total estimated cost.
We provide you with the consolidated proposals in our easy to use and understand, side-by-side format. This allows you to understand, compare and contrast all of the details that are imperative for a successful and cost effective trial stay.

Step 4: Contract Negotiation

There are more than 60 negotiable terms in a hotel contract that can cost your firm/client a great deal if not addressed correctly and in your best interest.

Without bias, we facilitate the bidding process between properties, and negotiate the final contract(s) detailing all space requirements, rates, concessions, and risk-associated clauses.

Mnegotiates hundreds contracts every year, giving us an advantage over those who are not exposed to the verbiage, terms and clauses in these contracts.

We take into account both the “hard” costs as well as the many hidden risks clients face when negotiating a venue contract. We anticipate problems and help protect our clients against these potentially costly and often overlooked details.

With M2's purchasing power and relationships, regardless of the size or number of stays that you typically do, you enjoy the pricing and concessions associated with the collective buying power of ALL M2 clients.

Once you have selected your venue and the contract negotiated and signed, our role in ensuring your trial stay is beyond your expectations is only the beginning.

2 will analyze the overall budget for the trial stay as well as any war room facilities. We calculate the cost per day to provide the firm/client with an accurate estimate as to the costs to be expected for varying lengths of stay including any potential cancellation and/or other penalties that may apply. This gives you an accurate comparison between property options. Allowing the firm to maximize the return of investment in time and money.

The complete list of Trial Stay Management Services is extensive and unique to each firm’s specific requirements.

Please contact us for complete details.

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