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Sourcing & Event Management

A successful, well-attended, cost-efficient event is no longer the standard. An event must also make an impact from the moment an attendee first arrives at the front doors, continuing throughout the entire duration of the event.

2s sourcing team has an average of 20 years expertise in researching, reviewing, and evaluating properties in areas not limited to, sleeping room availability, rates, meeting/event space, F&B capabilities, property condition, location, etc.

2 also pays attention to the not so obvious factors that will impact your events success, such as general staff experience, expertise and capabilities. Click here to learn more about our thorough process.

Comprehensive Venue Sourcing

With more than 50,000 hotels across the U.S., where do you start? Let an experienced M2 professional efficiently and accurately narrow that list down to the venues best suited for your event’s timeline. We thrive in the details and align to your budget, and logistical needs. 

2 streamlines the entire site selection process, providing you with only the most relevant destinations for your consideration. When you have identified your preferred venue, we will negotiate rates, concessions, terms and facilitate the contracting process.

We have the buying power of over 100K room-nights annually, with ALL major hotel chains as well as smaller and independent properties. With this, we are able to negotiate rates and contract terms that are mutually beneficial for the client and the service provider, providing a "win-win" situation that is critical to the success of your event.

While there are several choices in sourcing your event, 
2 goes the extra step in providing additional critical services to ensure your event is not only successful but an event that your attendees will remember and talk about for years.

You receive the highest possible return on your meeting, as a direct result of your event having been negotiated and secured by an organization with the purchasing power and experience that comes with bookings in excess of 100K room nights annually!


With M2, your search, buying, pricing and contracting power just went up exponentially!

Hotel Pool
Image by Hope House Press - Leather Diar

Event Planning & Management

Event and conference planning is much more than choosing a menu, centerpieces, ordering Wi-Fi and audio-visual equipment. Understanding and being intimately familiar with all the factors and details that can and will impact your event both positively as well as negatively must be addressed to ensure your event’s success.

M2 will analyze the overall budget for the conference. We will calculate the cost per person to determine the ideal venue for the conference to maximize on the return of investment.

* Review all service providers’ contracts to protect client's interest as well as ensuring the services provided will exceed your expectations.

* Coordinate and Negotiate Destination Management Services that includes transportation services, event decor, on and offsite activities to get the best value at the best price for the client.

* Develop a specific website for your event to provide your attendees not only simple event registration, but also provide up to the minute schedules for event functions and last minute changes and updates. 

* Assist with sleeping room reservations. Liaise with the hotel and client to ensure that the conference attendees fill up the sleeping rooms contracted to avoid penalties and additional costs.

* Develop the theme and content of the conference with the client's input

* Select the food and beverage suitable for the clientele based on their background and budget per person

* Review hotel's banquet event orders and recognize opportunities to minimize cost for the client.

* Determine audiovisual and décor requirements based on the content of the conference and desires of the client. 

* Conduct post event evaluation and gather feedback from the attendees to determine return on investment.

* Reconcile the final invoice, audit all charges based on contractual agreement(s)

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